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The Global Teenager Learning Circle
A Learning Circle is created by a team of 10-12 teachers and their classes joined in the virtual space of an electronic classroom. The groups remains together over a 3-4 month period working on projects drawn from the curriculum of each of the classrooms organized around a selected theme. At the end of the term the group collects and publishes its work. Then, just as any class of students does, the Learning Circle comes to an end. Each session begins with new groupings of classes into Learning Circles.


Forms Feb-May 2009

Learning Circle placement forms:




English Communication Based Learning Circle Overview


English Research Based Learning Circle Overview

  • Gender Equality
  • Migration
  • Environmental Issues
  • Children Rights and Responsibilities
  • Life Values
  • Cultures of the World
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Poverty and Hunger
  • Politics in my Country
  • Wiki Learning Circle